It was getting dark and we were quite exhausted from a very long day. We decided to stay in the first oasis on the left side. There we stayed with the Moors of the area at a simple auberge, where they prepared spaghetti for us served in a huge bowl with a small piece of chicken on top. The spaghetti proved difficult to eat with just the fingers. I guess we should have asked for their regular cous cous instead. The spaghetti was what they figured we would like.

After dinner we were invaded by young people from the village who were very eager to test our cell phones, MP3-players and digital cameras. Not that they didn’t have their own cell phones, just that they shared the interest that especially young people all over the world have for these novelties.

We also swapped clothes, donning their boubous (kaftans) and chech (turbans). One of the young moors was a Burt Reynolds lookalike – photos later….

We left before daylight and drove south to Nouakchott (450 kms), where we arrived before noon.

We were driving all the way through a sandstorm that made the desert look like a painting in the haze. Wooden sheds and small huts with the handwriting “auberge” or “restaurant” on the wall. Wornout tents. A few trucks on the road, the occasional French tourist in a camping car. And the annoying police controls, always looking for booze. One of them searched my suitcase when he fell over and lost his hat because there was a toy that looks a lot like a real snake in there. We laughed and drove into town.